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The ropeway database contains structured information on more than 5,000 ropeways in Germany and Switzerland. The entries include both technical and geographical data on ropeways currently in operation as well as on all historical installations that have already been dismantled. The database thus fully maps the history of ropeways and their technology in the two countries from the mid-19th century to the present day. The structure of the database is based on geographical aspects. The ropeway installations are sorted by locations, regions and countries. To select installations in a specific place, choose a region from the list below.

Categories & Tools

Alternatively, the map view also offers the option of displaying ropeway installations by navigating via Google Maps. A click on a marker then leads you to the technical details of the respective ropeway.

To search for ropeways that meet specific criteria, you can use the search engine. No matter if you just want to search for a term or for certain years of construction and manufacturers, no problem. A detailed guide with lots of tips will help you with your search. As a registered user you also have the possibility to create individual lists with your favorite ropeways!

Search Engine

Searching for ropeways in a specific location or according to different criteria is quick and easy with the search function of the database. Find ropeways of a specific manufacturer, the highest or oldest installation in a region - no problem!

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All ropeways in our database are also provided with geodata. The map function allows you to view the exact locations and courses of every ropeway in Germany and Switzerland. Registered users also have the option to create individual map views with our search engine.

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Where are new ropeways to be built soon? What is the current status? How many installations have been built in recent years? The project overview offers a detailed listing of future construction projects in the cities and mountains of Switzerland and Germany.

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Your favorite ropeways all at a glance? No problem with our ropeway database! Registered users have the possibility to create individual lists with their ropeway favorites. Whether spectacular installations or ropeways with personal significance, they are all just a click away!

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